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Hi, I’m Adil Sbaï. I am currently living in Paris, France. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in marketing and programming. Feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.  

The Gartner IT Security Approach for the Digital Age

The reality of digital business means that businesses must innovate or die. But security is an integral part of the digital business equation when it comes to technologies like cloud services and big data, mobile and IT devices, rapid DevOps, and technologies such as blockchain. Security experts must adapt security techniques for the digital age.“The Read More

Top Trends in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2017

  Imagine a world where it is possible to implant a magnet that detects electrical current or utilize an exoskeleton to enhance strength. Now consider the potential abuses of requiring employees to have chip implants before they can work. Human augmentation has the potential to use technology to enhance bodies and minds, but also raises Read More

3 Business Predictions from Forrester Digital Transformation 2017

Forrester recently held their 2017 Digital Transformation conference in Chicago and Liferay was there to hear from companies around the world who are embracing digital transformation, as well as to provide some insight of our own.Businesses everywhere are in the process of embracing digital transformation. However, many are looking to the future and the continuing Read More

Identity Fraud: Keeping Digital ID Cards and Citizens Safe

A potential security flaw in the digital identification cards issued to citizens in Estonia as part of a massive digital transformation effort has put that country’s reputation, as well as the identity of its citizens, in jeopardy — and could lead to massive identity fraud.In recent weeks, this small Baltic nation announced that it has Read More

Rapid Growth for Iris Recognition Biometrics

Iris recognition for access control is gaining acceptance as one of the most secure and accurate biometric identification modes for security and surveillance applications. First used in the defense, military and government sectors, its use is spreading to the automotive, banking and finance, consumer electronics, health care, and travel and immigration sectors.[1] Market researchers forecast Read More

Integrating biometrics into fraud prevention strategies to protect consumers

  Most people associate biometrics with fingerprint verification or facial recognition on a smartphone or facial recognition at an airport. But it has the power to be so much more. In addition to physical features, such as fingerprints or retinal scanners, biometrics can also analyse behavioral patterns, such as how fast a consumer scrolls through Read More

Behavioural biometrics – the future of security: Typing recognition and frictionless security

Some major players are showing an interest in behavioural biometrics “The technology profiles how a person interacts with a website on their mobile device by analysing their typing rhythm, how they hit and release the keys,” says Dr. Neil Costigan, CEO at Swedish IT and security company BehavioSec, which has a patented technology called BehavioAion that can be Read More

What Are the Top 5G Security Challenges?

    What Are the Top 5G Security Challenges? As the world prepares for the first commercial debut of 5G networks, many people are curious about the security threats and risks that the new standard will face. 5G networks will support a massive number of connected devices, enable a huge increase of bandwidth, and create Read More

Raising the Bar for Mobile Network Security

We’ve already witnessed a massive evolution with mobile networks across the globe as 4G-LTE continues to expand. Mobile network operators, or MNOs, are now evolving these networks rapidly with an eye toward reaching 5G, but there remains a large gap in their security architectures that only widens as they add more bandwidth, lower network latency, Read More

Data Monetisation Strategies Will Help Telcos Capture Emerging Markets

Recent pricing wars have seen major telco operators rush toward offering more appealing “unlimited” data packages, demonstrating that mobile data is the most important revenue asset at telcos’ fingertips.However, telcos must ensure they’re not solely focused on giving away big buckets of data – even if it’s an unlimited bucket, as this is not necessarily Read More

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