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Hi, I’m Adil Sbaï. I am currently living in Paris, France. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in marketing and programming. Feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.  

Comment utiliser des données chiffrées sans les déchiffrer ? c’est la magie du chiffrement homomorphe

Révolution à venir dans le «cloud»: grâce à la cryptographie homomorphe, il sera bientôt possible de manipuler des données chiffrées… sans jamais avoir à les déchiffrer. C’est pour corriger cette faiblesse que la cryptographie homomorphe a été mise au point. Celle-ci permet en effet d’effectuer des calculs sur les données chiffrées puis d’accéder au résultat Read More

Are you ready for 5G? | McKinsey & Company

  The economics In considering the economics of 5G, it’s best to look separately at the two flavors discussed earlier.A low- to mid-band 5G network, especially in bands below two gigahertz, would look and cost much the same as current LTE networks. For example, deployment costs would be similar for cell sites of comparable density.Delivering Read More

Alexa, ask McAfee to scan my network

Since so many IoT devices have pathetic-to-no security, how would you like to manage your connected home’s network security using your voice? At Mobile World Congress 2018, McAfee said it plans to launch an Amazon Alexa Skill for its Secure Home Platform (SHP).Announced during CES 2018, SHP is “the answer to the IoT boom,” McAfee Read More

Apple now has four roads to a 5G iPhone, each challenging

Now that the dust has settled from Mobile World Congress 2018’s major 5G wireless announcements, two things are clear: 5G networks are coming even faster than recently expected, and, based on its current relationships with 5G modem suppliers, Apple has a tough road ahead before it launches a 5G iPhone.Being second or even tenth to market Read More

Apple HomePod is already losing the smart speaker battle

The war for your digital home is waging. Apple has finally followed Amazon, Google and Microsoft by launching a smart speaker with a voice-controlled artificial intelligence assistant. Yet even though the “HomePod” is another technological marvel, there’s a chance Apple is already losing the battle. The competition isn’t just through the sound quality of the Read More

Consumers fed up with connected-home issues

  More than 1 in 3 U.S. adults has experienced issues either setting up or operating a connected device. According to new data from Customer and Product Experience 360, the average consumer has spent 2.5 hours between self-help and customer support to resolve a smart home issue.What’s more, customers end up having to speak with Read More

Hi, I’m Adil Sbai, Head of Product Management – Technology. I Live in Paris, France. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in programming,and innovation. You can click the button above to visit my website. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social Read More

(18) Digital Disruption in Telcos is still to come | A connected system that let’s control your home from your smartphone

  Now again we have a lot of hype about IoT especially in conjunction with 5G. A bit sarcastically I could comment that is great as the commercial opportunity is at least 5 years away and that gives enough time to work with vendors on exciting trials to get the technology working and sign huge contracts. Read More

The Role of Identity and Access Management in the Era of Digital Transformation

  The construction of railroads and the invention of the steam engine, which catalyzed the mechanical production, triggered the first industrial revolution from 1760 to 1840. With the advent of electricity and the assembly line, which made mass production possible, resulted in the second industrial revolution starting from the late 19th century to the early Read More

Cybersecurity’s Next Step Market Map: 80+ Companies Securing The Future With Artificial Intelligence

We used CB Insights to identify over 80 private companies in cybersecurity that are using AI and categorized them into 9 areas of operation. Cybersecurity companies saw a record number of funding deals last year and on a quarterly basis Q1’17 was the most active quarter for deals to private cybersecurity companies over the last five years. Alongside Read More

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