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Hi, I’m Adil Sbaï. I am currently living in Paris, France. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in marketing and programming. Feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.  

NIST lays out roadmap for Internet of Things security –

As lawmakers seek a “seal of approval” for the Internet of Things, the National Institute of Standards and Technology recently gave federal agencies and private industry a better roadmap to future IoT cybersecurity concerns.In the Feb. 14 draft version of its interagency report on the state of IoT cyber standards, NIST warned that without a standardized Read More

Are you ready for 5G? | McKinsey & Company

  The economics In considering the economics of 5G, it’s best to look separately at the two flavors discussed earlier.A low- to mid-band 5G network, especially in bands below two gigahertz, would look and cost much the same as current LTE networks. For example, deployment costs would be similar for cell sites of comparable density.Delivering Read More

Alexa, ask McAfee to scan my network

Since so many IoT devices have pathetic-to-no security, how would you like to manage your connected home’s network security using your voice? At Mobile World Congress 2018, McAfee said it plans to launch an Amazon Alexa Skill for its Secure Home Platform (SHP).Announced during CES 2018, SHP is “the answer to the IoT boom,” McAfee Read More

Apple now has four roads to a 5G iPhone, each challenging

Now that the dust has settled from Mobile World Congress 2018’s major 5G wireless announcements, two things are clear: 5G networks are coming even faster than recently expected, and, based on its current relationships with 5G modem suppliers, Apple has a tough road ahead before it launches a 5G iPhone.Being second or even tenth to market Read More

(18) Digital Disruption in Telcos is still to come | A connected system that let’s control your home from your smartphone

  Now again we have a lot of hype about IoT especially in conjunction with 5G. A bit sarcastically I could comment that is great as the commercial opportunity is at least 5 years away and that gives enough time to work with vendors on exciting trials to get the technology working and sign huge contracts. Read More

What Are the Top 5G Security Challenges?

    What Are the Top 5G Security Challenges? As the world prepares for the first commercial debut of 5G networks, many people are curious about the security threats and risks that the new standard will face. 5G networks will support a massive number of connected devices, enable a huge increase of bandwidth, and create Read More

Raising the Bar for Mobile Network Security

We’ve already witnessed a massive evolution with mobile networks across the globe as 4G-LTE continues to expand. Mobile network operators, or MNOs, are now evolving these networks rapidly with an eye toward reaching 5G, but there remains a large gap in their security architectures that only widens as they add more bandwidth, lower network latency, Read More

Data Monetisation Strategies Will Help Telcos Capture Emerging Markets

Recent pricing wars have seen major telco operators rush toward offering more appealing “unlimited” data packages, demonstrating that mobile data is the most important revenue asset at telcos’ fingertips.However, telcos must ensure they’re not solely focused on giving away big buckets of data – even if it’s an unlimited bucket, as this is not necessarily Read More