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Hi, I’m Adil Sbaï. I am currently living in Paris, France. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in marketing and programming. Feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.  

Identity Fraud: Keeping Digital ID Cards and Citizens Safe

A potential security flaw in the digital identification cards issued to citizens in Estonia as part of a massive digital transformation effort has put that country’s reputation, as well as the identity of its citizens, in jeopardy — and could lead to massive identity fraud.In recent weeks, this small Baltic nation announced that it has Read More

Rapid Growth for Iris Recognition Biometrics

Iris recognition for access control is gaining acceptance as one of the most secure and accurate biometric identification modes for security and surveillance applications. First used in the defense, military and government sectors, its use is spreading to the automotive, banking and finance, consumer electronics, health care, and travel and immigration sectors.[1] Market researchers forecast Read More

Integrating biometrics into fraud prevention strategies to protect consumers

  Most people associate biometrics with fingerprint verification or facial recognition on a smartphone or facial recognition at an airport. But it has the power to be so much more. In addition to physical features, such as fingerprints or retinal scanners, biometrics can also analyse behavioral patterns, such as how fast a consumer scrolls through Read More

Behavioural biometrics – the future of security: Typing recognition and frictionless security

Some major players are showing an interest in behavioural biometrics “The technology profiles how a person interacts with a website on their mobile device by analysing their typing rhythm, how they hit and release the keys,” says Dr. Neil Costigan, CEO at Swedish IT and security company BehavioSec, which has a patented technology called BehavioAion that can be Read More

What is Tokenization in Payments?

In the recent times, there have been lot of talks about Tokenization in Payments. Even though Tokenization has existed for quite sometime, it has gained traction only after the launch of Apple Pay. Android Pay and Samsung Pay are also using Tokenization to enhance payment security.I intend to explain what exactly is tokenization and how Read More

Biometrics and Tokenization Help Mastercard Go Signature-Free

Mastercard is almost ready to leave signatures behind. The company has announced that after April of next year, no signatures will be required for any debit or credit purchase in the US or Canada. Receipt signatures are already well on their way out the door, of course. Recognizing that they’re pretty much useless as a security tool Read More

Biometric Authentication Overview, Advantages & Disadvantages

How do fingerprint and iris scanners work? And more importantly, which offers better security: biometrics or passwords? Apple’s Face ID is just one of many biometric authentication applications. Find out more about them, how they contribute to cybersecurity and what risks they pose. Source: Biometric Authentication Overview, Advantages & Disadvantages Read More

How the GDPR will disrupt Google and Facebook

Google and Facebook will be disrupted by the new European data protection rules that are due to apply in May 2018. This note explains how.  Google and Facebook will be unable to use the personal data they hold for advertising purposes without user permission. This is an acute challenge because, contrary to what some commentators have assumed, they cannot use a “service-wide” opt-in for everything. Read More

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