Adil Sbai

Hi, I’m Adil Sbaï. I am currently living in Paris, France. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in marketing and programming. Feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.  

3 Business Predictions from Forrester Digital Transformation 2017

Forrester recently held their 2017 Digital Transformation conference in Chicago and Liferay was there to hear from companies around the world who are embracing digital transformation, as well as to provide some insight of our own.Businesses everywhere are in the process of embracing digital transformation. However, many are looking to the future and the continuing Read More

What Are The Performance Trends in AI

Deep learning has revolutionized the world of artificial intelligence. But how much does it improve performance?  How have computers gotten better at different tasks over time, since the rise of deep learning?In games, what the data seems to show is that exponential growth in data and computation power yields exponential improvements in raw performance. In Read More

The 10 Grand Challenges Facing Robotics in the Next Decade

Robotics research has been making great strides in recent years, but there are still many hurdles to the machines becoming a ubiquitous presence in our lives. The journal Science Robotics has now identified 10 grand challenges the field will have to grapple with to make that a reality. Source: The 10 Grand Challenges Facing Robotics in Read More

21 occupations of the future

In a new report, Cognizant, the IT services firm, identifies 21 jobs that, given economic and commercial trends, people could reasonably be expected to hold, like chief trust officer and man-machine teaming manager. Why it matters: The key question of the age of automation is whether this time of technological disruption is different from all the Read More

Amazon is spending more and more on shipping out your orders

Amazon is growing fast — and so are the costs of getting people the producs they order from the online retailer. As time goes by, Amazon has to spend a higher percentage of its net sales on staffing, operations, and shipping. Source: Amazon is spending more and more on shipping out your orders Read More

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