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Hi, I’m Adil Sbaï. I am currently living in Paris, France. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in marketing and programming. Feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.  

Blockchain is still three to five years away from feasibility at scale

Blockchain does not have to be a disintermediator to generate value, a fact that encourages permissioned commercial applications. Blockchain’s short-term value will be predominantly in reducing cost before creating transformative business models. Blockchain is still three to five years away from feasibility at scale, primarily because of the difficulty of resolving the “coopetition” paradox to Read More

Canada’s Digital ID Future – A Federated Approach

Digital Identity Defined Identity is the representation of who you are. A person’s identity is composed of different attributes such as name, date of birth, address and citizenship. Historically, the way we established our identity is through physical documents (e.g. driver’s license, passport, ID card), sometimes supplemented with some form of physical verification (typically a signature). Read More

Enabling Innovations Using Business Architecture

  Modeling and sharing your Business Architecture is an excellent way to make sense of it all and make sure that business strategic consistence occurs from the early awareness marketing stage to after sales delivery within every business units and departments of an organization. Through a financial service example, this article will show how Business Read More

Digital Age MIT Series : distributed leadership and experimentation

  Adapting to increasingly digital market environments and taking advantage of digital technologies to improve operations and drive new customer value are important goals for nearly every contemporary business. The good news is that many companies are beginning to make the necessary changes to adapt their organization to a digital environment.Based on a global survey Read More

mobile banking millenial

How to Design a Millennial Bank

      What should traditional banks and credit unions consider in order to offer a level of service that will meet younger generation expectations? Can banking organizations remain relevant in the future, or will they be replaced by fintech or ‘big tech’ alternatives? There has never been such a considerable generational gap. This gap Read More

BBVA tests ‘invisible payments’ technology at inhouse cafe

More than 1,000 of the bank’s staff have already downloaded an order-ahead app for use in Ciudad BBVA and testing has begun on a biometric facial recognition system based on technology from Veridas, a joint venture startup created by the Spanish bank and Das-Nano in 2017. The order-ahead app enables users to order a coffee, Read More

Paiement en ligne frauduleux : obligations pesant sur l’utilisateur

La Cour de cassation annule la décision des juges du fond et juge ici : « Attendu que pour condamner la Caisse à payer à Mme X la somme de 3 300,28 € en remboursement de la somme prélevée sur son compte au titre du paiement litigieux et 1 € de dommages-intérêts, le jugement retient Read More

Évolution de la réglementation en matière de signature électronique

  Par un décret en date du 28 septembre 2017, le droit interne français a intégré les nouvelles exigences du droit européen relatives à la signature électronique Depuis le 1er octobre 2017, le principe est le suivant : la fiabilité d’un procédé de signature électronique est présumée, jusqu’à preuve du contraire, lorsque ce procédé met Read More

Will remote work ever become mainstream?

  For the past five years of my professional career, I’ve been blessed to work remotely from my home. First, as an SEO freelancer, then as an employee, and currently, as a content marketing consultant. Working remotely has meant I’ve been able to work from the comfort of my home (or a coffee shop, whenever I’m Read More

The new ROI for digital innovation | Paul4innovating’s Innovation Views

Innovation has had a bigger brother moving into the house next door; Digital Technology and between them, they have been busily knocking the walls down, to share the future going forward. The two have become interlinked, you seem to always need the one to respond to the other. Maybe it is a “digital – innovation Read More

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